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About Us

Cibo is conceived with the idea of bridging the gap between a caterer & You to plan that perfect Dinner where the food is as good as the conversations. We emphasize on the menu more than food pictures – that can be misleading

Team Cibo was employed by the best caterers in town namely. Moshes, Grand Cuisnes – Blue Sea , Juhu Club Millenieum , Indigo – Moveable Feast and boast of serving the biggest names in Mumbai. With over 15 years of experience in Food Catering in Mumbai, we have a loyal list of people who trust us when they are not sure of the other options. This gave us confidence enough to help people particular about food and start Cibo!.in

The biggest issue one faces while choosing a caterer is they are not sure about the quality and taste. Beyond that there is a bigger issue of Hygiene, because frankly we have seen big names operating from Shanties.Worry no More, We at Cibo! Bring in all the knowledge & Experience needed to source the best food that is in season and also we work with our partners to serve you unique & seasonal food that can wow your guests.

Don’t worry about the excess food being wasted anymore. We help you order the exact food for your guests and if you do have extra food the good people at NGO “Roti Bank “ & “Arhan Anna Daan” make sure it reaches the needy.

What we do

You can call us to source out best catering service in Mumbai that can serve a particular food or cuisine. Be assured we will tell you which one is good at what.

We will also work closely with you in finalizing the Menu .Planning a menu is essentially a balancing act of colors, textures, temperatures and flavors on the plate, along with the constraints of time, budget, occasion and season. And we specialize in that!

We work with our partners to get Catering Platter or Starter Platters delivery to your home or office. This is a cost effective option, where you have your privacy and no issue of soiled plates after your party. Not to mention your party can go all night!

We work with our partners to get Catering Platter or Starter Platters delivery to your home or office. This is a cost effective option, where you have your privacy and no issue of soiled plates after your party. Not to mention your party can go all night!

We can help you get catered food delivery anywhere in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai. Box Lunches are good for those meetings where you have 30 minutes to have food or food for that outdoor picnic.

We help you plan lunch catering menu, suggested when you have at least 1.5 Hours. It can be a Working Lunch or in home catered Lunch

Don’t worry about the party catering prices anymore. We will help you source out the best food for your party that fits in your budget.

Be it a full service catering or limited service, we have worked with the best in business and will help you source out the same.

We have years of experience in working with caterers for small parties in Mumbai. Be it for 05 guests or 25 guests we know the right catering companies that do a great job with small number of guests in catering for house parties.

Although you trust your Maharaj for Weddings, try some of the best caterers in Mumbai who are responsible for some of the most spectacular weddings. It’s all about the food at the end.

How we do it

With years of experience in Coordinating Catered Events, We follow these pointers to menu planning

Know the Guest Profile

The professional level of guests

The frequency our guests attend similar events

The location where guests reside

The ethnic background of your guests

Know our Guest Preferences

Older groups of attendees may prefer a milder menu

Attendees concerned about health and fitness may prefer more seafood and vegetarian options

Younger or middle-aged attendees may prefer spicier or simply more adventurous meals

Provide Menu Choices

Offer at least two choices of entrées (three is even better)

Offer three or more salad dressing options for salad courses

Serve all condiments on the side

Offer at least two dessert options: one very indulgent, one healthy.

A mixed Cuisine menu should have items enough Vegetable choices for Vegetarian and a combination of Veg-Non Veg for Non-Vegetarian Menu with even distribution of items.

Special dietary considerations may include:

Food allergies (such as lactose intolerance, nut allergies, etc.)

Food Intolerances (such as Celiac's)

eligious requirements (such as Jain observance)

Voluntary dietary restrictions (such as vegetarianism or veganism)

Incorporate Seasonal and Fresh Items

Many a times the caterer ends up serving food that’s popular and forgets that some things are in season for a limited time. Who does not want a Fresh Strawberry Cheese Cake or a Gajar ka Halwa which is in season ?

Consider Ethnic or Regional Menus mixed with Live Counters

  • Asian/Chinese/Japanese/Thai(Oriental )
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern
  • Lebanese
  • Caribbean
  • Hungarian
  • African
  • Maharashtrian
  • Gujrati
  • Marwadi
  • Rajasthani
  • Hyderabadi
  • South Indian
  • Awadhi
  • Hyderabadi
  • Bengoli

Select a Menu that Fits the Event Schedule

  • Box lunches are best if you have 30 minutes or on the g
  • Plated meals usually require at least 1.5 hours
  • Buffets may be completed in about 1 hour
  • Cocktail receptions require a minimum of 1 hour before dinner

Working breakfasts or lunches should incorporate menu items that can hold up for longer periods of time without ruining the integrity
of the food

Our Food Quantity Policy

Having sufficient or way too much food is always a concern. Here
are the guidelines Cibo uses, per person, in business

  • 225g meat
  • 200g fish
  • 60g vegetables
  • 85 - 115g potatoes
  • 60g rice
  • 30g cheese

We bear in mind that for large numbers, you can cater for a few less., "When working out quantities you do not need to multiply everything by 40 - the more people there are the less they eat! To avoid waste and expense work to feeding about 34 people if 40 attending." Remember if you're doing a number of dishes, you don't need to provide enough for people to have a full portion of each

A rough estimate of leftover food in the city is over 40,000 Kgs of food is wasted per day. We make sure we do our bit and it reaches the needy. We have partnered with some good people like “ Roti Bank “ & “ Arham Anna Daan” to help you do your bit!