Vegan Indian Menu
Vegan Indian Menu

Vegan Indian Menu

Flavored Water

  1. Carrot and Mint
  2. Cucumber and Basil
  3. Green Apple and Celery Water

Finger Food:

  1.  Subzani Aloo; Served with Saunth Ki Chutney
  2. Amritsari Baby Corn; Served with Tikhi Hari Chutney
  3. Wok Tossed Plum Chili Water Chestnut
  4. Tomato and Black Olive Bruchettes


  1.  Balsamic Apricot and Red Grapes with  Arugula
  2. Young Greens with Citrus & Citrus Vinaigrette & Pine Nuts
  3. Japanese Soba Noodle with Pickle Vegetables

 Accompanied with Assortment of Breads, Plain & Herb Butter

 Main Course

 Methi and Shepu ke  Aloo              ; Potato tossed with fresh Methi and dil leave

  1. Nadru Palak Chaman                      ; lotus rood simmered in spinach
  2. Bhindi Kali Mirch                            ; Lady Finger Tossed with black pepper and Cashew nut Gravy 
  3. Hare Mutter ki Dal                          ; Fresh Green Peas Dal With Indian Spices
  4. Corn Methi Pulao
  5. Assorted Paratha (Wheat Pudina, Nachini Ajwain, Singhada and Rataloo)


  1. Chocolate Truffle with Raspberry
  2. Honey Apricot Halwa

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