This is a list of Gourmet Non Veg Starters for Party or Catering. The list of Starters is carefully chosen to suit your palate and can be customized to suit your requirements of catering.


Moroccan spiced chicken tikka with spiced Jagery glaze
Oyster & sesame rubbed chicken tikka with peanut sauce
Hoisin chili chicken tikka with honey sambal glaze
Sweet basil & jalapeno spiced chicken tikka with roasted tomato vinaigrette
Teriyaki chicken tikka with pea nut sesame dressing
Tamarind chicken tikka with pink peppercorn glaze
Tangerine mustard chicken tikka with mustard vinaigrette
Charmula spiced chicken tikka with balsamic coriander dressing
Chimichuri chicken tikka with pineapple coconut chutney
Juniper berry cured chicken tikka with peppercorn glaze
Black pepper & green lime crusted chicken tikka with light soya glaze
Texas barbeque chicken tikka with mint & jalapeno pesto
Barbeque chicken tikka with hot wing coating
Cajun spiced chicken tikka with pineapple marmalade/green apple butter
Pickled chili & sweet garlic rubbed chicken tikka with rosemary hollandaise
Jerk chicken tikka with sweet balsamic glaze
Tandoori chicken kebab with hot coating powder
Breaded chicken tenders with sweet chili sauce
Asian spiced curried chicken salad tartlets
Smoked chicken & curried leeks quiche with jalapenos
Bruschetta of smoked chicken with curried leeks
Chicken liver pate on crispy Melba
Foie grass on cranberry Melba & sweet balsamic dressing
Duck confit empanada with black bean dal

Crab & corn cakes with green curry vinaigrette
Norwegian salmon tartare with fennel & green lime jelly on spoon
Canadian scallop & sea bass tartare with green apple on spoons
Crab & scallion mousse in fennel seed tartlets
Prawns & avocado salad on cucumber
Smoked oyster in champagne sauce
Crumb fried smoked oysters with spicy remoulade
Beer batter fried Bombay duck with chili aioli
Blue mussels in curried corn & jalapeno sauce
Fresh oysters with mignonettes
Lime leaves rubbed tandoori prawns with pineapple coconut chutney
Five spiced rubbed tandoori prawns with tamarind mayonnaise
Tandoor roasted chimichuri prawns with mint & jalapeno pesto
Grilled prawns with rosemary & pink peppercorn with aioli
Texas style barbeque prawns with sweet chili sauce
Chili, rosemary rubbed grilled prawns with coriander mint pistou
Charmula spiced tandoori prawns with homemade tomato chili jam
Grilled Cajun prawns with pineapple marmalade
Lemon pepper prawns with coriander seed vinaigrette
Chilled tangerine prawns with arugula & cranberry coulis on wasabi biscuit
Gun powder spiced rawas tikka with Cajun vinaigrette
Herb fish tikka with spicy remoulade
Lemon pepper crusted fish tikka with coriander seed dressing
Fennel & paprika spiced fish tikka with pineapple mint chutney
Herbed fish fingers with spicy remoulade\tartare sauce
Moroccan spiced fish tikka with balsamic butter sauce
House cured tuna, arugula & parmesan wraps with caesar dressing
Norwegian smoke salmon & asparagus wraps with wasabi cream
House cured Norwegian salmon & chevre ravioli in cucumber broth on spoons

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