Best Outdoor Event Catering Services
in Mumbai


We ensure your outdoor event stands out from the crowd, whatever the style of your day. From contemporary canapé and informal food stalls in the garden to elegant three-course seated meal in world-famous Mumbai venues.


Cibo have sufficient experience in handling outdoor events catering in Mumbai.  It is one of the most crowded cities in the world. Whether it is an outdoor wedding, exhibition, inauguration ceremony does not matter because we put our best foot forward for every event. Our food is sure to match the aesthetic of your outdoor events. Our talented team of chefs at GFC is responsible for the feat. Our food is clean and safe because we prioritize the well-being of our customers.


At Cibo we have a shared vision and ethos, inspired by a love for food, creativity and innovation  to make your outdoor event memorable. We will bring your event’s vision and purpose to life, that will inspire your guests and honour your benefactors, volunteers or partners. Working with you as much or little as you like, we will create stunning fundraising galas, charity dinners and transform your chosen event venues into spectacular occasions.


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Weddings and Outdoor Event Catering


Corporate events of all sizes for a wide range of clients.


Corporate events of all sizes for a wide range of clients.


Corporate events of all sizes for a wide range of clients.



A touch of perfection, blended with innovation, our goal is to provide you and your guests with an exquisite culinary experience.

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Small House Party Catering

We are the House Party Specialist! We’ve been leading the way in house party catering in Mumbai since 2007. We were the first to bring the master chef to your home concept in Mumbai , for a five-star gourmet experience in the comforts of your home. So if you are Looking for the best catering in Mumbai? Look no further than our Cibo Gourmet Catering Services.

Our experienced team of chefs and professional service staff are the experts who have catered to the best parties in town. We bring everything you need, including food, peripherals, crockery, and cutlery, and we prepare the food in your kitchen or a designated area. We carry half-done food, so we can mix the sauces fresh at your place for a hot and delicious gourmet meal.

After preparing and setting up your buffet and table, our team will also clean up the area before leaving you with peace of mind. Our Premium Menu offers personalized customization options to suit your taste and the theme of your party. We’re also happy to prepare specific cuisines for your guests on special requests, such as fritters for a Belgian guest or traditional chakalaka for a South African guest.

Whether you’re looking to combine Indian dishes with Moroccan, Lebanese, Israeli, European, Mexican, or Oriental cuisines or simply savor authentic cuisine, our catering services in Mumbai are sure to impress. Contact us today to learn more about the best catering in Mumbai.

About Cibo!

CIBO (pronounced- chee-bow) is a name for a non-pretentious person who enjoys all food. We provide Catering , Chef Curated Menus & Recipes:Are you searching for a catering service that can satisfy even the most discerning palates?

Consider Cibo! Gourmet Catering Services. The Best Small Party Catering in Mumbai since 2007.

General Information and FAQ's

How much food do I need to order?

This depends on a few factors including the occasion, time and duration of the function, whether the guests are big or small eaters and your budget.

Most of our menus are priced per person and our experienced staff will work with you.

Make sure you have the right amount and variety of food for your intended function.

How soon do I need to book and give final numbers?

For buffet and service events, we require final numbers 12 days prior to the function. For platters and finger food drop off we require 7 days prior.

We will do our best to accommodate any late/last minute bookings as we understand some things are not planned.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

If a cancelation is made less than 48 hours prior the customers may be liable for 100% of the catering cost. See our General Terms and Conditions for more info.

Will you deliver the food to us?

Yes all of our food is delivered to you. A delivery fee will apply to your area. If you are too far out of our locality, our staff may need to cook the food onsite as the quality of the food may be affected by the long travel.

Finger foods, platters, morning teas, working lunches. Hot items are dropped of hot and ready to go. They are not meant to be kept warm so delivery time needs to be no more that 15-30 mins before you wish to serve the food. Cold platters can be delivered earlier and refrigerated.

Roast meat rolls. We can prepare the food and drop off in disposable foil trays hot and ready to go or cold for you to re heat. We can also offer the hire of heated chafing dishes for serving and keeping the food warm.

Do I need to have service staff?

For the Gourmet cocktail, buffet and barbeque menus staff is required.

For all other menus we can simply drop the food off ready to go and leave you to serve it.