Cibo Gourmet Catering Co.
Office Catering Services

Office Catering Services

Cibo Gourmet Catering provides professional Corporate Office catering at locations all over & around Mumbai. Leave your food & catering worries to us. We have served a five star Gourmet setup at factory locations like Tarapur and Lonavla. Whether you are hosting foreign delegates or looking for a directors working lunch , we have the gourmet options and expertise to satisfy any palate.

Whether your guests have dietary preferences or restrictions , whether they want Vegan , Keto or Gluten Free food or even if the are generally Heath Conscious. Cibo has you covered. We can help you cater for :

Healthy breakfast foods,
Multi Cuisine lunches,
Afternoon snacks,
Sandwiches and entrées
Food for Annual meetings and conferences
Catering for product launches,
Food for lunch meetings,
open houses,
Catering for company parties
Buffet catering at corporate picnics and bbqs
late-night meetings,
Directors Working Lunch,
Foreign Delegates Food Catering,
Wine & Cheese Evenings,
Corporate Cocktails Party.